Greetings to you, dear reader.. I am happy to welcome you to Ghuge Parivar website. You may be friend, family or any one  I havent the pleasure of knowing but let me ask you to feel free to look around this site. 
    I am feeling pretty euphoric on the purchase of this domain. This is my only second TLD that I have bought and my first for personal use. I chose to select because it is my surname, very unique, short in length, favourable among our vanjari community and also having a high recall value. Also I am planning to keep this domain for a number of years till I get old.
    So do keep coming and your feedback will always be appreciated.
ganesh ghuge

I proud of vanjari ...... Jai Bhagwan


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    Pramod Ghuge is a alien stranded on planet Earth. He hasnt been able to figure out this world and wants to hitchhike back to his home planetary system. In the meantime he does a lot of weird stuff in cyber-world to pass his time while waiting for an UFO.
    Do drop him a email if you want to sell a spaceship or need a inter-galatic map.

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